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I Can Never Have You, Kurt/Logan

Title: I Can Never Have You
Author: [info]acrescendoannie
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Kurt/Logan
Word Count: 700+
Summary:I was perfectly happy, falling for Blaine, waiting for him to realise and then you fucking come along.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author Notes: Much thanks and love to dreams_and_oj for making me even consider writing Klogan and for beta-ing for me.

I'm not yours to have Logan,” Kurt screamed, the words piercing Logan like a spear, silence falling over the room.

Kurt blinked, tears falling on his pale, flawless cheeks.
After everything I've done Kurt, after all the times we were so happy together, you just leave me for him,” Logan choked out, his own green eyes filling with tears.
I was never yours Logan and I never will be,” Kurt yelled at him, turning his back and storming out of the door. He crossed the room and ran down the stairs as fast as he could, passing several stunned Stuart's who would have definitely heard him. He could hear Logan running after him and knew he had no chance of making it to Windsor without the athlete catching up to him.
He let his tears fall freely as he ran into the heavy rain, a rumble of thunder falling from the dark clouds above him. Kurt stood still and screamed angrily into the sky before dropping his head and sobbing openly.

He felt Logan's hand pull gently on his arm, turning him to face him and wrapping his strong muscular arms around him. Kurt rest his head against Logan's chest, the rain pouring harshly onto the both of them.
I'm so sorry Kurt,” Logan whispered pressing his lips gently to Kurt's hair, “I should just leave you and Blaine alone.”
This is your fault,” Kurt spat forcing himself out of Logan's strong grip and pushing him away, causing Logan to stare at him in shock.
I was perfectly happy, falling for Blaine, waiting for him to realise and then you fucking come along,” the smaller boy screamed over the storm. “I love you, god damn it.”
Logan reached out, wrapping his arms around Kurt's back, pulling him in forcefully and slamming their lips together. He felt Kurt gasp out before flinging his arms around Logan's neck.
The blonde deepened the kiss fiercely, tongue swiping against Kurt's and biting softly at his bottom lip, while pushing them in the direction of the nearest tree, to shelter them slightly from the rain.
He back Kurt up against the tree quickly, their hips pushing together, shedding his blazer hastily before ridding Kurt of his own.
I'm going to have to get that fucking dry cleaned now,” Kurt hissed, pressing his lips to Logan's neck feverishly.
Logan growled lowly, his hips thrusting forward, both moaning at the friction of their hard-ons. He repeated the motion once before sliding his left thigh between Kurt's legs.
The brunette let out a breathy whimper, rolling their hips together and crashing his lips against Logan's once more.
Logan's strong hands found Kurt's waist, his long fingers wrapping around to his back, calloused fingertips pressing firmly into the delicate pale skin, most likely bruising him.

Say it again Kurt,” Logan moaned against his mouth, rutting his hips forward, fast and hard.
Say what?” Kurt whined, his head tipping back against the tree.
Logan attacked Kurt's perfect pale neck with his lips, his tongue swiping over it and biting down harshly. “Tell me you love me Kurt.” his groans against his neck, hips still slamming forwards against Kurt's.
He sucked hard on Kurt's neck.“I need you to tell me,” he growled.
Kurt whined out a strangled noise. “I love you,” he whispered and Logan came hips still jutting against Kurt's, moaning out Kurt's name and Kurt follows him quickly.

He closed his eyes lightly and waited until he came down from his high, opening them as Logan placed a quick kiss on his lips. Kurt stared into the green eyes staring right into his glasz ones.
Kurt stared, unblinking, his eyes filling with tears before hastily grabbing his blazer and running as fast as his still weak legs would carry him, back to Windsor house, up the stairs and into his and Reed's dorm room, slamming the door behind him and locking himself into their bathroom. He stripped himself of his rain-soaked uniform, tossing it into the corner, turning the shower onto a scolding heat, stepping in before slumping down the floor, sliding his back against the cold tiles, and began to sob.
He sat under the burning heat of the shower, trying desperately to wash or maybe even burn away the memory of what just happened.

Tags: daltonverse, klogan, kurt hummel, logan wright, media: fanfiction, pairing: kurt/logan
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